Parent University


Monthly sessions will be conducted through Lunch and Learn webinars so that all parents can attend.  Please use the information below to participate in the session. Any updates will be posted on the school website.

Study Skills - A Handout for Parents

DATE Workshop Description

august 20, 2019

Helping Your Young Student Succeed in School

Explores positive ways parents can become more involved in their young students’ school experience. Identifies steps parents can take to solve problems students may encounter at school. Parents practice positive techniques for talking with their students about school.

September 19, 2019

Improving Your Child’s Study Skills

Parents learn how to help their child(ren) develop effective study skills.

october 15, 2019

Financial Literacy and Retirement Planning (New York Life)


november 12, 2019

College Planning


december 9, 2019

Communicating with Teachers

Emphasizes the importance of good communication between home and school. Parents discuss ways in which they can become involved in the education of their child and identify topics that they should discuss with their child’s teacher. Reinforces the importance of listening and responding in an informative and sensitive manner and explores different communication styles.

January 14, 2020

How Parents Can Help Prevent Bullying/Cyberbullying

Parents understand the problem with bullying and cyberbullying and receive tips for internet safety and preventing bullying and cyberbullying.

february 10, 2020

Talking to Your Child About Internet Safety

Parents receive basic guidelines to share with their kids for safe online use and for parental supervision while minimizing the risks.

March 9, 2020

Understanding Georgia’s Testing Program

The purpose of this workshop is to deepen parents’ understanding of their student’s progress and to identify any gaps in progress so they can help address them.

may 12, 2020

Summer Matters

How Parents Can Keep Their Children Learning All Summer Long